The new Munaf Patel?

Another good shot of a young Indian wannabe

I still haven’t discovered what it is that appeals to me about cricket photos from the subcontinent. I love all cricket photography, partly because I’m an amateur snapper myself but mainly because there’s something mystical about “freezing” action into one moment. Perhaps it’s that cricket is to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh what football is to Britain. But moreover cricket on the subcontinent appears born from the dust and soil. With the exception of the privileged, children aren’t given shiny white pads and a slazenger bat for their 7th birthday; they play with sticks, on dusty tracks, on railways, platforms, mountains and wherever they choose. It’s much more a way of living, of passing time, than it is of playing the game.

That’s my blinkered view of it anyway. I’m hopefully going to India in November briefly, so perhaps I’ll bring back some shots of my own (and some reasoning/words to go with them).

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