The lust for cricket on the subcontinent

Zainub just posted a comment which, frankly, deserves its own post (if, like me, you’re fascinated at cricket’s appeal around the world, and especially the near-fanatical support Asian teams are afforded). Zainub goes to college in Pakistan, is a huge fan, and here’s what she says:

Can’t quite relate to office atmospheres but I do go to college , where 66% of the students are female , so it is difficult to talk about anything else apart from clothes, other girls, other boys, yet more clothes, jewellery, stupid celeb gossip, make up, studies and then all of this over and over again …There are handfull of us crazy female but we get outnumbered amongst the rest, nevertheless we do try initiating discussions on cricket every know and then, but rarely do they go anything beyond Shahid Afridi, or how stupid Sami’s hair is. But yeah, whenever we do well against India, there’s a lot of talk, even if it is just on the lines of oh we won, we played well, we kicked ass.. bla bla. And nothing beyond that. The lads are the opposite though, except for the ones that aren’t from Pakistan, each and every knows their crikcet inside out, greatest thing about this I that I never have to spend a single penny on getting SMS score updates if we’re forced to follow a game during college, the lads spend all the money! Hehe.

What’s more we even talk cricket with our teachers…very useful this can be, you know. Like this Monday, I got away with submitting a journal a period late because I told my maam I was watchiing the SA-AUS game on the weekend, and because she’s a total cricket nut like me (some of my friends joke that she even looks like me, which isn’t true of course) she allowed me 25 extra minutes to get my work submitted! Great, no?

Fascinating insight.

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