Steve Harmison. Erm, who?

Was sent this link today, which had me achucklin’

Steve Harmison – Looking back with clear-eyed retrospect, England winning The Ashes last year wasn’t really that big a deal. Some cricketers from one country beat some cricketers from another country – so it was always only a 50-50 deal in any case – and won a tiny tub of cinders. You get more than that for throwing a hoop over a box of Maltesers at a travelling funfair. Anyway, England’s Ashes-winning cricket team made a few heroes – the captain, the drunk one, the one with shit hair – but Steve Harmison wasn’t really one of them. Most people couldn’t even pick Harmison out of a line-up even if Steve burnt the words I AM STEVE HARMISON into his pubes. What chance does Steve Harmison have of winning Sports Personality Of The Year? Hardly any, and that’s not even taking his shonky shin into consideration. Current Sports Personality Of The Year betting odds – 66/1