Shane on you!

Shane Warne

Maybe my dislike of tabloids stems from an unconscious desire to write the headlines. I mean how brilliant is the News of the World’s SHANE ON YOU?! For those not in the know, it appears Shane Warne has invited the tabloid lions to feast upon him. Again! This time, all in detailed graphic footage which is as disturbing as it is hilarious. Here’s the report from one of NOTW’s infamous journos (this had me doubled over, wetting myself)

LEGENDARY bowler Shane Warne was on red-hot form (FORM!) the night he took two for dirty sex (TWO FOR DIRTY SEX!) in a three-hour spell at the crease (AT THE CREASE! I’ll stop now).

And the randy Aussie cricket ace had model pals Emma Kearney and Coralie Eichholtz in a spin as he topped their wonderful figures again and again in a memorable innings at Emma’s flat last Thursday.

Shameless Shane, 36, even got his two wicked maidens to play with a giant inflatable middle stump as he showed just why his marriage to long-suffering wife Simone has been reduced to Ashes.

All the gossip and more at their site.

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