Ricky Ponting – Ashes Diary

Ashes Diary

This has either completely passed me by (probable) or is a pile of rubbish (less probable, but still possible). Ricky Ponting’s Ashes diary. The synopsis on Amazon is boring, incorrect, misleading and confusing:

In this year’s diary, Australia cricket captain Ricky Ponting shares behind the scenes stories and unique insights into what makes the Australian side so successful, including personal assessments of his champion team mates and what it’s like to be the captain of the most famous cricket battle: the Ashes.

They’ve been successful for an awfully long time; not in 2005, though. They lost the Ashes. Ponting lost the Ashes. Ponting’s Australia lost to England. So it’s all a bit odd. Anyway, has anyone read it? If not buy it now and make me some money from the proceeds.

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