Reporting on sport

Because I’m now fortunate enough to be writing about a sport and running one the internet’s most popular sites, I have an increased interest in journalism, online journalism, news reportage and so on. The BBC’s blogs have given a glimpse into how their sports editors report on it all, and run the website. I remain a big supporter of the Beeb’s site which, for general sports coverage, is unrivalled. Cricinfo is infinitely bigger and offers something entirely different. Anyway I’m not here to make comparisons as to the goods and bads of each service.

I was reading Howard Nurse’s post and was astounded to read they had no less than 10 people dedicated (solely, it appears) to England’s match against Portugal. Is that normal (does anyone know?). Yes it’s the World Cup, and a football tournament at that, but it nevertheless surprised me.

So that’s where our money goes…!

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