Memories of a golden summer

On June 13, 2005 (a year ago tomorrow), this happened. Ah, that was a belter – and the spark which ignited the summer.

Interesting what Stu said:

A very fair account from an understandably excited English supported – and good luck to you!
And you’re right, while it is “only 20/20″ and the Aussie press will make a number of statements about why it doesn’t matter, I for one would still rather have won it, and on past tours, against lesser English sides, the result would’ve been reversed – so enjoy…

…you’re also right on another point, I still say wait for the tests…

12 months on and half the squad are on crutches, or worse, and we’re facing a very fine Pakistan team ahead of this winter’s Ashes. I’m off back to the steaming, stinking, rat-infested, unfriendly, over-priced, watch-your-wallet, don’t-look-at-me-or-else, mind-the-gap, mine’s-a-pint, bastard brilliant city of London now.

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