Lottery, Euromillions

Nothing to do with cricket, this, but I got a text this morning from a friend who told me Euro Millions’ jackpot has now reached £70m. SEVENTY MILLION MOOLARS. What in the name of all that is sane would you, dear reader, do with that much money? Naturally, I’m convinced tomorrow morning I’ll wake up a multi-millionaire – I’ve bought a ticket, in case that wasn’t abundantly clear – and have oodles of ideas as to what I’d do with it. Despite living in London, I’d almost certainly buy two cars, and use neither of them; a Cooper (JCW, the lot) and either a DB9 or a well-conditioned Jenson Interceptor.

Then I’d buy a few flats in London, start one of the dozens of ventures I keep promising myself I’ll do but, frankly, I think I’d still work. I’d get bored otherwise. I’d probably pile a large amount into a cricketing-based project, perhaps a new ground or something ridiculous like that.

And you?

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