It’s all happening at The Oval

England have batted well, and Pakistan dropped some pretty easy chances, but there has been an incident where the umpires changed the ball, with something to do with ball-tampering. Play went on, until tea, where there was discussions between umpires, coaches, match-referee Mike Proctor.

The English batsman are all waiting to go out but Pakistan are holed up in their dressing room in protest. They are not happy campers.

It’s all happening…

UPDATE- The Pakistani players have still not come out, and the English batsman have gone off.

A ground announcer has just asked the crowd to be patient while match officials continue with discussions.

UPDATE II – Pakistan are, after nearly an hour, resuming the field, to much jeering and catcalling from the crowd, who don’t have a clue what is going on.

UPDATE III – And now they are going off again. It appears that umpire Darryl Hair might be going on strike now.

UPDATE IV – It would appear that both umpires are on strike.

UPDATE V – The Pakistan Chairman says that they are willing to play, and are just waiting for the umpires. However, it seems that bad light will put a kybosh on any more play today. It will be interesting to see what the conclusion of all this is.

Geoff Boycott is scathing on Darryl Hair at the moment for his lack of sensitivity. He says that strictly speaking, the umpires were quite right to act the way that they did, but in the ‘spirit of cricket’ sense, the umpires are wrong to go on strike in the way that they have.

I personally will wait to hear from everyone involved before I come to any conclusion. Seems there’s enough blame to go round from what little I know.

The big winner out of all this are England, who have got themselves into a position where they might save the game tomorrow. That is, if they even play tomorrow!

UPDATE VI – ECB Vice Chairman Mike Soaper is ‘not optimisitic’, and he has been in the meetings.

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