Indian squad in the Caribbean


Originally uploaded by Flickr user Mahendrakar.

It’s with a great deal of trepidation that I follow any India series these days. They’re so gifted yet so fallible. And as for the media’s reporting of them, well…heaven forbid if Tendulkar farts at a press conference, or worse, gets out for nought. I get so many emails asking me for Mahendra’s email address, Tendulkar’s mum’s phone number, Tendulkar’s jock strap in the 1994 series against [whoever], Tendulkar’s…etc

Anyway, regardless, it ought to be a fascinating series this. In fact, I’d even call it a super series (Copyright ICC). As ever, as it’s the West Indies, I’m hoping for miracles to happen and they can forget all the Board problems and just play good creeeekit.