How to say Chester-le-Street

Chester-le-Street is where Durham play their cricket, and the BBC have just writted a post on how to pronounce it. Not tricky, you’d have thought; it’s not a Gloucestershire or Leicestershire (Glue Kester Shire, Lie Kester Shire). However, the Beeb say Chester-le-Street is pronounced as follows:

“Our recommendation, based on the advice of people who live there as well as published sources, is CHEST-uhr-li-street – the first part rhymes with ‘westerly’. Most English placenames with ‘le’ in them are pronounced in this way, rhyming with ‘me’ rather than the French-sounding ‘luh’.”

Bunkum. I pronounce it with the French-sounding “luh” – doesn’t everyone else? Can any Durham folk confirm either way?

Muchly ta

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