Hoggard’s last of the Summer Wine

The Barmy Army have already been busy in Mumbai. Prior to the Test they held a cricket match and also had a sponsored one mile run through the city streets, all to raise money for Sport Relief.

They’ve also been in fine voice and have brought with them a brass band, who let rip every now and then, especially to signify bowling changes. When Freddie Flintoff comes on they play Meet The Flintstones. Rather more whimsically, Yorkshire man Matthew Hoggard is greeted with the theme from Last Of The Summer Wine.

From Miles Jupp’s brilliant blog. I need to write more about this guy. I know he’s a comedian, or has written things in the past, but I still don’t know why he’s out there. But out there he is (in India for the Test series) and his blog has made for really entertaining reading; the type of stuff I hope I’d come up with if ever given the chance to tour. I suppose I’m especially thankful to him for bringing to our attention Matthew Hoggard’s theme tune!

For those not familiar with it, Last of the Summer Wine is a long-running and particularly dull sitcom set in Yorkshire (I believe) with a bunch of old duffers making mild and pathetic “ooh er, kinky” jokes. It’s utter tripe, but its theme tune is rather apt for Hoggy who is a reet bread-n-butter Yorkie.

Good stuff Miles, keep at it. (Oh, have mentioned him before at El Googly)

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