Hear the mighty Banglas roar!

PatheticRRRAWWWW! So another great day for Bangladesh. If I had any hats left, I’d be chomping on them merrily for I never thought I’d see Australia in this much trouble against Bangladesh. Not in 2006, certainly. The prospect of The Mighty Banglas (TMB) dominating Australia two days running doesn’t bear thinking about if you’re an Antipodean and the front page of the Daily Telegraph (Sydney) rather sums it up (right. I mean left).

This was their response yesterday, so today (or rather tomorrow) will be interesting, considering Australia are in the murky waters of 145/6. Now, I haven’t seen any of the play but that’s not to say I can’t wobble off the fence to poke fun at Australia’s situation.

It’s especially tickling considering what happened last summer when I wrote:

Never, ever, did I think I’d be writing those words. Bangladesh have beaten Australia. Australia have lost to Bangladesh. Bangladesh have outplayed Australia. Australia have etc etc. 2 days ago, I wrote “God knows what Australia will do to them…How did they beat Worcestershire?!” Somehow they went ten times better than Worcester by beating the Aussies.

It is too early to suggest an upset of mountainous proportions is on the cards. But regardless, Bangladesh have shown gaping loopholes in Australia’s mental makeup. It’s remarkably similar to the start of their tour of the Ashes when they seemed stuck in the mud, unable to really get moving or get fired up. That they won at Lord’s for the first Test owed as much to the ground itself and England’s nerves more than a stellar performance.

Questions must be asked about this performance, whether or not Gilchrist does something special. And yes, we’re jumping on the bandwagon, but this is true David-felling-Goliath storybook stuff and we’re perfectly entitled to. Australia needs a rocket up its arse.

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