Hayden “disappointed” by dog attack

“I was was out for a leisurely run. You are always a bit shocked by that sort of thing but I was more disappointed than anything.”

Those are Matthew Hayden’s words after being attacked by a dog. I’m not going to guess the dog’s owner or anything (although it’s clearly one of Duncan Fletcher’s…or maybe Troy Cooley is our double agent), no. The thing that got me was “I was more disappointed than anything.” You what? Is that really an emotion you experience when viciously attacked by a dog?

Spilling your beer in front of someone you’re trying to impress is disappointing. Not being selected for a tour is disappointing. Your Dad thumbing through your exercise book and finding “Mr Batty is a tosser” – that’s disappointing, for him (not to mention poor old Mr Batty).

Being bitten on your ankle, or anything else for that matter, is rather more serious than disappointing. For who? Him, the dog or the dog’s owner?

It’s more media speak, the like of which I’m utterly sick of. Go to any press conference around the world and the losing captain will be disappointed to lose. WELL OF COURSE THEY ARE, THEY’VE JUST LOST A BLOODY GAME. There will come a day when a losing skipper will be “delighted” to lose a game or, better, “enthralled”. “The lads were great today. We played our worst and it came off [finger-pun not intended]. Australia weren’t the better side yet they still won, and that’s credit to our own pathetic ability. I’m proud at our consistency in being so poor. We rock, frankly, and no one can take that away from us…until we decide to win again, which we won’t.”

That’s what we want. We don’t need glib adjectives like disappointed. What about devastated, crushed, humiliated, suicidal?

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