“Great shot – MIND THE SHEEP!”

I’m away back in Devon, hence mass-blogging and general frolicking around the coast and pubs and what have you. In the pub yesterday, or the day before, we met the village’s cricket captain – or someone of the team, anyway. He was quite excited to have met “someone from Wisden,” clearly not really au fait with Cricinfo (which I find quite a lot; people related to the “Wisden brand” more than Cricinfo, certainly in the UK. This isn’t the case in India, incidentally, hence the launch of Cricinfo Magazine in January).

Anyway, long story short, apparently they play in a field which is occupied by sheep in the winter months. Indeed, walking past it on the way to the beach yesterday, the sheep were merrily munching away at the green stuff, which made me wonder whether they’d act as fielders once the season gets underway. With all the wool on them, they’d be pretty reasonably insulated were they to be struck by a savage drive or pull. And the slope, well…it makes Lord’s incline look rather pathetic; you’d only have to nudge it through the covers (or tickle it down to fine leg) for a four…

It got me thinking about “odd places” people play cricket. Heard of any funny places people play? What’s your club like?

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