Flintoff’s decision not to be at the birth

“There’s more to life than cricket,” is what they drum into us at Cricket Anonymous. But Andrew Flintoff has seemingly ignored it by choosing to stay with England to captain his country. There have been a few comments floating around that he’s being selfish (selfish!) and so on, which in my opinion is complete hogwash. I think he made the right decision. Yes, births are a “once in a lifetime experience” (note: I hate that expression) but equally captaining your country isn’t a regular thing either.

Please note, I’m not comparing the two situations or arguing that the birth of ones’ child is of equal importance to captaining ten other men on a cricket field. But, as he himself admitted, the situation dictated he should stay with his troops and I admire him for that. The BBC have an interesting article on the whole debate, too, here, comically describing Fathers’ attendance at the bedside as something of a spectator sport! Try telling that to the wife when she’s pushing out a 10-pounder…

Your thoughts and reasonings, please, and not just one-liners.

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