Cricket before breakfast

Jenny Thompson

“Where are you going so early?” asked one of my flatmates this morning. “So early?” I thought, “Is my clock fast? I make it 9am.” I double-checked. It was, indeed, 9am but that is, apparently, early. Now, of course, this could be just my flatmates. But no … shops only open at 10am … Traffic jams only occur from 9.30 onwards …

Oh yes, the day starts much later than what I’m used to. Getting up at 7am, latest, is my norm in London – which hurts – while here I’ve been getting up at 8.30. Ooh yes, suits my body clock much more, thanks very much indeed.

“I’m going to the beach,” I said and was greeted with an approving nod and smile. And off I went to Juhu beach, scene of many adventures, where I immediately stumbled upon a game of cricket and people shouted “Hellos”; they were semi-mocking today, but delivered with wide, wide grins that were too damn cheeky. I laughed and strolled on.

Jenny is my colleage at Cricinfo. She’s clearly now given up the idea of working, in any shape or form.

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