Competition: win signed copies of Arm-ball to Zooter

Arm-ball to Zooter: A Sideways Look at the Language of Cricket

Got quite a few books piling up here so it’s time for a competition. I have two copies of Arm-ball to Zooter – still warm from the oven – the new book from The Guardian’s Lawrence Booth. A fine writer and allround good egg, Lawrence has even agreed to sign the books, thereby raising its antique value by several thousand percent.

Joking aside it’s a terrific read, as you would expect, and well worth the mere £7.79 from Amazon. So treat yourself to a new book – one which, thankfully, isn’t an autobiography from a veteran international batsman of 14 months…


We’ve run a few limerick competitions in the past which have gone down well. For those not sure of the style a limerick takes, it’s really simple: using one of the two starting lines below, construct a five-line verse with the rhyme scheme of aabba. See here for ideas.

So, use either of the first lines below and get cracking. Competition will run until I get very bored; keep it cricket-based as much as you can, and the best two will win one of Lawrence’s books.

1) When Flintoff asked Ponting to lunch…

2) At Brisbane one day by the sea…

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