Books, annuals, programmes for sale

Alastair McLellen, who graciously mentioned the CoU in this year’s 2006 Almanack, has a veritable feast of cricket books, souvenirs, photos and all sorts for sale. There’s masses to be seen…so click here to get the full list, and click here to email him and make an offer on any of them.

Signed books

My Autobiography – Allan Lamb, Colins Willow, 1996 – Signed by Allan Lamb

Herbert Sutcliffe – Alan Hill, Simon & Schuster, 1991 (Hdbk) – Signed by the author

Summer of Swing – Khadim Hussain Baloch (Pbk) – Signed by Salim Malik

Continued below…

Pre 1950 Books

Cricket County – Edmund Blunden, Imprint Society, 1945 (Hdbk)

Don Bradman’s Book – Don Bradman, Hutchinson & Co, 1930 (Hdbk – no dust jacket, cover damaged)

How to play cricket – Don Bradman, Morrison & Gibb, 1948 (Pbk – cover, coming away)

Farewell to Cricket – Don Bradman, Hodder and Stoughton, 1950 (Hdbk – dust jacket in two pieces)

English Cricket – Neville Cardus, Collins, 1946 (Hdbk –dust jacket has small tears)

Cricket in the Sun – Learie Constantine, Stanely Paul (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

The Happy Cricketer – A Country Vicar, Frederick Muller, 1947 (Hdbk)

The Cricket Match – Hugh De Selincourt, Rupert Hart-Davis, 1949 (Hdbk)

A Life Worth Living – CB Fry, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1939 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Bat and Ball – George Giffen, Ward Lock (Pbk – spine damaged, cover marked)

On Getting Wickets – Clarrie Grimmett, Hodder & Stoughton, 1930 (Pbk – Sellotape supporting Spine)

Cricket my destiny – Walter Hammond, Stanley Paul (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Big Cricket – Patsy Hendren, Hodder & Stoughton, 1934 (Pbk – sellotape supporting spine)

The Game of Cricket – Jack Hobbs, Maurice Tate and H Strudwick, Foulsham, (Pbk)

My Cricketing Days – GG MacCartney, Heinemann, 1930 (Hdbk – no dust jacket, some small marks on pages)

Cricket Old and New – AC MacLaren, Longmans, Green & Co, 1930 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

The Jubilee book of Cricket – Prince Ranjitsinhji, Sixth edition (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

For England and Yorkshire – Herbert Sutcliffe, Edward Arnold, 1935 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

How to become a first-class batsman – Herbert Sutcliffe, Yorkdale Press, 1949 (Hdbk)

Lord’s 1787-1945 – Sir Pelham Warner, Harrap, 1948 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Cricket between two wars – Sir PF Warner, Chatto & Windus, 1943 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

The King of Games – Frank Woolley, Stanley Paul, 1936 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Other unusual books

The Art of Cricket – Sir Donald Bradman, Hodder & Stoughton, 1958, (Hdbk – no dust jacket). Previously owned by the MCC’s Professionals’ library (stamp inside cover)


Benson and Hedges Cricket Year, 7th edition, 1988 (Hdbk)

Benson and Hedges Cricket Year, 11th edition, 1992 (Hdbk)

The Cricketers’ Who’s who, 1995 (PbK)

The Cricketers’ Who’s who, 1996 (PbK)

The Cricketers’ Who’s who, 1997 (PbK)

The Cricketers’ Who’s who, 1998 (PbK)

The Cricketers’ Who’s who, 1999 (PbK)

The Cricketers’ Who’s Who 2000 (Pbk)

The Cricketers’ Who’s Who 2001 (Pbk)

The Cricketers’ Who’s who, 2002 (PbK)

Pelham Cricket Year: third edition – Ed by David Lemmon, 1981 (Hdbk)

Wisden Cricketer’s Almanack, 1996 (Pbk)

Test Match Year – Ed David Frith, 1997 (Hdbk)

Anthologies pre 1980

Bat & Ball – Ed by Thomas Moult, Sportmans Book Club, 1960, (Hdbk)

The Boundary Book – Ed by Leslie Frewin, Macdonald, 1962 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Cricket Bag – Ed by Leslie Frewin, Macdonald, 1965 (Hdbk)

Cricket Heroes – Members of the Cricket Writers Club, Sportsmans Book Club, 1960 (Hdbk)

From Hambeldon to Lord’s: the classics of Cricket – Ed by John Arlott, Barry Shurlock, 1975 (Hdbk)

Strangers’ Gallery: foreigners view of cricket – Ed by Allen Synge, Lemon Tree Press, 1974 (Hdbk)

Anthologies post 1980

Bloody Lucky – Ed by Tom Graveney & Mike Seabrook, Pocket Books, 1990 (Pbk)

Cricket on the air Ed by David Rayvern Allen, BBC, 1985 (Hdbk)

More Cricket on the air – Ed by David Rayvern Allen, BBC, 1988 (Hdbk)

Cricket All His Life – EV Lucas, Pavillion, 1989 (Pbk)

Benny Green’s Cricket Archive, Pavillion, 1989 (Pbk)

Cricket Calling – Rowland Ryder, Faber & Faber, 1995 (Pbk)

Cricket’s Silver Lining – ed by David Rayvern Allen, William Collins, 1987 (Hdbk)

The Daily Telegraph Century of County cricket: the 100 best matches – Ed by Simon Heffer, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1990 (Hdbk)

Double Century: 200 Years of Cricket in The Times, Collins Willow, 1985 (Hdbk)

Faber Book of Cricket – Ed by Michael Davie & Simon Davie, 1989 (Pbk)

The Field Book of Cricket – Ed by David Rayvern Allen, Pelham, 1991 (Hdbk)

The Joy of Cricket – Ed by John Bright-Holmes, Unwin, 1985 (Pbk)

Liberation Criket: West Indies cricket culture – Ed by Hilary McD Beckles and Brian Stoddart, Manchester University Press, 1995 (Pbk)

Lords & Commons: cricket in novels and stories – Ed by John Bright-Holmes, Andre Deutsch, 1988 (Hdbk)

The Lord’s Companion – Ed by Benny Green, Pavilion, 1987 (Hdbk)

My Favourite Cricket Stories – ed by John Arlott , Peerage Books, 1986 (Hdbk)

The Penguin Cricketer’s Companion – Ed by Alan Ross, 1981 (Pbk)

Summer Days – ed by Michael Meyer, Eyre Methuen, 1981 (Hdbk)

Wisden Anthology 1864-1900 – Ed by Benny Green, Guild, 1988 (Hdbk)

Widen Anthology 1940-1963 – Ed by Benny Green, Guild, 1985 (Hdbk)

Wisden Anthology 1963-1982 – Ed by Benny Green, 1986 (Hdbk)

The Wisden Papers 1888-1946 – Ed by Benny Grenn, Stanley Paul, 1989 (Hdbk)

Australian anthologies

Bat & Pad: writings on Australian Cricket 1804-1984 – Ed by Pat Mullins & Philip Derriman, Oxford Uni Press, 1984 (Hdbk)

Six and Out: the legend of Australian and New Zealand Cricket, 4th edition – ed by Jack Pollard, 1973 (Hdbk – torn dust jacket)

Cricket: the Australian way – Ed by Jack Pollard, Landsdowne, 1968 (Hdbk – dust jact torn)


Opening up – Mike Atherton, Coronet, 2003 (Pbk)

My autobiography – Ian Botham, Collins Willow, 1995 (Pbk)

I Don’t Bruise Easily – Brian Close, 1978, (Hdbk – ex library)

My Autobiograpgy – Aravinda De Silva, Mainstream, 1999 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Swings and Roundabouts – Graham Dilley, Pelham, 1987 (Hdbk)

White Lightning – Allan Donald, Collins Willow, 1999 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Batting from Memory – Jack Fingleton, Collins, 1981 (Hdbk)

Leading from the front – Mike Gatting, Queen Anne Press, 1989 (Pbk)

Captaincy – Graham Gooch, Stanley Paul, 1992 (Hdbk)

My autobiography – Graham Gooch, Collins Willow, 1995 (hdbk)

The Long Run – Alfred Gover, Pelham, 1991 (Hdbk)

Gower, the autobiography – Collins Willow, 1992 (hdbk)

WG Grace, Hambeldon Press, 1980 (Hdbk)

The Man in the Middle – Gordon Greenidge, David & Charles, 1980 (Hdbk)

My Story – Tony Greig, Stanley Paul, 1980 (Hdbk)

Chucked Around – Charlie Griffith, Pelham Books, 1970 (Hdbk)

Rhythm and Swing – Richard Hadlee, MOA Publications, 1989 (Hdbk)

The Man in the Middle – Omar Henry, Queen Anne Press, 1994 (Hdbk)

My Early Life – Graeme Hick, Macmillan, 1991 (Hdbk)

My Life Story – Sir Jack Hobbs, Hambledon Press, 1981 (Hdbk)

From The Beatles to Botham – Tim Hudson, Lennard Publishing, 1990 (Hdbk)

A lot of Hard Yakka – Simon Hughes, Headline, 1997 (Hdbk)

Yakking around the world – Simon Hughes, Pocket Books, 2000 (Pbk)

Just my Story – Len Hutton, Hutchinson, 1957 (Hdbk)

All round view – Imran Khan, Chatto & Windus, 1988 (Hdbk)

JK Lever – JK Lever and Pat Gibson, Unwin Hyman, 1989 (Hdbk)

You Guys Are History – Devon Malcolm, Collins Willow, 1998 (Hdbk)

Tiger’s Tale – Nawab of Pataudi, Orient, 1970 (Pbk – small tear on cover)

Spinner’s Yarn – Ian Peebles, Collins, 1977 (Hdbk)

Hitting across the line – Viv Richards, Headline, 1992 (Pbk)

Unleashed – Jack Russell, Collins Willow, 1997 (Hdbk)

Winning ways – Dermot Reeve, Boxtree, 1996 (Hdbk)

Larger than Life – David Smith, Two Heads, 1995 (Hdbk)

Sobers: twenty years at the top – Sir Garfield Sobers, Pan Books, 1988 (Pbk)

Gary Sobers’ Most Memorable Matches – Stanley Paul, 1984 (Hdbk)

Come in Number 3 – David Steele, Pelham, 1977 (Hdbk)

Everything under the Sun – Jeff Stollmeyer, Stanley Paul, 1983 (Pbk)

Ball of Fire – Fred Trueman, Mayflower, 1977 (pbk)

A typhoon called Tyson – Frank Tyson, Sportsmans Book Club, 1962 (Hdbk)


Bobby Abel – David Kynaston, Secker & Warburg, 1982 (Hdbk)

Athers – David Norrie, Headline, 1997 (Hdbk)

SF Barnes – Leslie Duckworth, Sportmans Book Club, 1968 (Hdbk)

Peter Pan and Cricket (JM Barrie) – David Rayvern Allen, Constable, 1988 (Hdbk)

It sort of clicks – Peter Roebuck & Ian Botham, Collins Willow, 1987 (Pbk)

Greg Chappell – Adrian McGregor, Fontana, 1986 (Pbk)

Denis Compton – Tim Heald, Pavilion, 1994 (Hdbk)

A look at Learie Constantine – Undine Giuseppi, Nelson, 1974 (Pbk)

The Cowdreys – Ivo Tennant, Simon & Schuster, 1990 (Hdbk)

Lord Ted: the Dexter enigma – Alan Lee, Gollancz, 1995 (Hdbk)

Phil Edmonds – Simon Barnes, Heinemann, 1987 (Hdbk)

PGH Fender – Richard Streeton, Faber & Faber, 1981 (Hdbk)

Cricket’s Unholy Trinity – David Foot, Stanely Paul, 1985 (Hdbk)

CB Fry – Clive Eliis, JM Dent, 1984 (Hdbk)

Gavaskar – Clifford Narinesinghi Royards, 1995 (Pbk)

Harold Gimblett – David Foot, Star, 1984 (Pbk)

WG (Grace) – Robert Low, Richard Cohen, 1997 (Hdbk)

The Trent Bridge Battery: the story of the sporting guns, Basil Haynes & John Lucas, Collins Willow, 1985 (hdbk)

Patsy Hendren – Ian Peebles, Sportsmans Book Club, 1971 (Hdbk)

Hirst and Rhodes – AA Thomson, Pavilion, 1986 (Pbk)

Jack Hobbs – John Arlott, John Murray, 1981 (Hdbk)

Hutton & Washbrook, AA Thompson, Sportsmans Book Club, 1966 (Hdbk)

Imran Khan – Ivo Tennant, Witherby, 1994 (Hdbk)

FS Jackson – James Coldham, Crowood Press, 1989 (Hdbk)

The Demon (Charles Kortright) & the Lobster (Digby Jephson) – Anthony Meredith, Kingswood Press, 1987 (Hdbk)

Archie: a biography of AC MacLaren – Michael Down, Allen & Unwin, 1981 (Hdbk) Two Copies

Greg Matthews – Roland Fishman, Penguin, 1986 (Pbk)

Alfred Mynn and the cricketers of his time – Patrick Morrah, Constable, 1986 (Hdbk)

Laker – Don Mosey, MacDonald Queen Anne Press, 1989 (Hdbk)

Give me Arthur (Shrewsbury) – Peter Wynne-Thomas, Arthur Baker, 1985 (Hdbk)

Sir Gary (Sobers) – Trevor Bailey, Collins, 1976 (Hdbk)

My Dear Victorious Stod: A biography of AE Stoddart – David Frith, Lutterworth Press, 1977 (Hdbk)

CT Studd and Priscilla – Eileen Vincent, Kingsway, 1988 (Pbk)

Fred – John Arlott, Coronet, 1974 (Pbk)

The immortal Victor Trumper – JH Fingleton, Readers Union, 1979 (Hdbk)

Trumper – Ashley Mallett, Macmillan, 1985 (hdbk)

Hedley Verity – Alan Hill, Kingswood, 1986 (Hdbk)

Sammy Woods – Clifford Jiggens, Sansom, 1997 (Hdbk)

Woolley, the Pride of Kent – Ian Peebles, Cricketer Hutchinson, 1969 (1969)

Frank Worrell – Ivo Tennant, Lutterworth, 1987 (Hdbk)

County histories

The History of Derbyshire County Cricket Club – John Shawcroft, Christopher Helm, 1989 (Hdbk)

The History of Glamorgan County Cricket Club – Andrew Hignell, Christopher Helm, 1989 (Hdbk)

The History of Gloucestershire County Cricket Club – David Green Christopher Helm, 1990 (Hdbk)

The History of Hampshire County Cricket Club – Peter Wynne-Thomas, Christopher Helm, 1988 (Hdbk)

Kent Cricket: a photographic history – EW Swanton & CH Taylor,, Birlings, (Pbk)

From the Stretford End: the official history of Lancashire County Cricket Club – Brian Bearshaw, Partridge Press, 1990 (Hdbk)

The History of Leicestershire County Cricket Club – Dennis Lambert, Christopher Helm, 1992 (Hdbk)

Sunshine Sixes and Cider: the history of Somerset – David Foot, David & Charles, 1986 (Hdbk)

The History of Surrey County Cricket Club – David Lemmon, Christopher Helm, 1989 (Hdbk)

From the Sea End: the history of Sussex – Christopher Lee, Partridge, 1989 (Hdbk)

The History of Worcestershire County Cricket Club – David Lemmon, Christopher Helm, 1989 (Hdbk)

The official history of Yorkshire County Cricket Club – Derek Hodgson, Crowood Press, 1989 (Hdbk)

Ashes books in chronological order


With Stoddart’s Team in Australia – Prince Ranjitsinhji, Constable, 1985 (Hdbk)


Jackson’s Year – Alan Gibson, Sportsmans Book Club, 1966, (Hdbk)


England V Australia 1912 – PF Warner, Sportsmans Book Club, 1956, (Hdbk)

1920/21 & 21

Warwick Armostrong’s Australians – Ronald Mason, Sportsmans Book Club, 1973 (Hdbk)


Gilligan’s Men – MA Noble, Sportsmans, 1955 (Hdbk)


And then came Larwood – Arthur Mailey, Sportsmans, 1951 (Hdbk – no dust jacket, water damaged)

Ashes in the mouth – Ronald Mason, Penguin, 1984 (Pbk)


In Quest of the Ashes – Bruce Harris, Hutchinson’s Library, 1951 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)


Fight for the Ashes – Ian Peebles, Harrap, 1959 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)


Ashes in Suspense – EW Swanton, Daily Telegraph, 1963 (Pbk)


Australians in England, 1968 – Bob Simpson, Stanley Paul , 1968 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)


Test of Nerves – Frank Tyson, Manark, 1975 (Pbk)


Anyone for cricket – Bob Taylor and David Gower, Pelham, 1979 (Hdbk)

Lambs to the Slaughter – Graham Yallop, New English Library, 1980, (Pbk)

Put to the test – Geoffrey Boycott, Arthur Baker, 1979 (Hdbk)


Botham rekindles the Ashes (1981) – Michael Melford, Daily Telegraph,1981 (Hdbk)


The Ashes Chappell’s Revenge – Michael Carey, Daily Telegraph, 1983 (Pbk)


Ashes to Ashes: the 1986-87 test series – Peter Roebuck, Kingswood Press, 1987 (Hdbk – no dustjacket)


England v West Indies

Another Bloody Day in Paradise – Frank Keating, Andre Deutsch, 1981 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

West Indian Adventure: with Hutton’s team 1953-54 – EW Swanton, Sportsman Book Club, 1955 (Hdbk – no dust jacket, damaged)

King Cricket: West Indies v England 1966 – Gary Sobers, Sphere, 1969 (Pbk)

West Indian Summer: the test series of 1988 – Patrick Eager and Alan Ross, Hodder & Stoughton, 1988 (Hdbk)

Postcards from the Beach – Phil Tufnell, Collins Willow, 1998 (Pbk)

Other England tours and series

The English Cricketers’ Trip to Canada and the United States in 1859 – Fred Lillywhite, World’s Work, 1980 (Hdbk)

Marks out of XI: England’s tour of India & Australia 1984-85 – Vic Marks, Allen & Unwin, 1985 (Hdbk)

Out of the Rough: England in Zimbabwe and New Zealand – Peter Baxter, Jonathan Agnew and David Lloyd, Andre Deutsch, 1997 (Hdbk)

Summer of the All-rounder: Test and Championship Cricket in England 1982 – Patrick Eager, Collins, 1982 (Pbk)

Other tours

Hell For Leather: the 1996 World Cup – Robert Winder, Gollancz , 1996 (Pbk – uncorrected book proof)

With the West Indies in Australia 1960-1961 – AG Moyes, Sportsmans Book Club, 1963 (hdbk)

Histories: England

A Celebration of Lords and Commons Cricket – Ed by Ian Orr-Ewing, Kingswood, 1989 (Hdbk)

A century of Cornhill Tests – Ken Lawrence, PSL, 1995 (Hdbk)

Corinthian-Casuals & Cricketers – Edward Grayson, Pallant, 1983 (Pbk)

The cricket captain’s of England – Alan Gibson, Pavilion, 1989 (Pbk)

The Way to Lord’s: cricketing letters to the Times – selected by Marcus Williams, Fontana, 1984 (Pbk)

England Test Cricket: the years of indecision 1981-92 – Neville Scott and Nick Cook, Kingswood, 1992 (Hdbk)

One-Man Committee – Ray Illingworth, Headline, 1996 (Hdbk)

The Players – Ric Sissons, Kingswood, 1988 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

See the Conquering Hero: a history of the Lancashire Leagues – David Edmundson, Mike McLeod, 1992 (Hdbk)

Seasons Past: The cricketer diaries – Ed by Christopher Martin-Jenkins, Stanley Paul, 1986 (Hdbk)

A social History of English Cricket – Derek Bailey, Aurum, 1999 (Hdbk)

Treasures of Lord’s – Tim Rice, St Michael, 1989 (Pbk)

County cricket

The Captain’s Year – Alan Wells, Two Heads, 1994 (Hdbk)

Cricket Mercenaries – David Lemmon, Pavilion, 1987 (Hdbk)

8 Days a week – Jonathan Agnew, Ringpress, 1988 (Hdbk)

Plum Warner’s Last Season – Ronald Mason, Epworth, 1970 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Somerset County Cricket Scrapbook – Vic Marks, Souvenir Press 1984 (Pbk)

Spring, Summer, Autumn – Rob Steen, Kingswood, 1991 (Hdbk)

Histories: Australia

Austrian Cricket 1918-1948: the Bradman years – Jack Pollard, Angus & Robertson (Hdbk)

‘Ave a Go Yer Mug!’: Australian cricket crowds from larrikin to ocker – Richard Cashman, William Collins, 1984 (Pbk)

Backpage of Cricket – Alan MCilvray, Lester-Townsend, 1989 (Pbk)

Extra Cover: 26 interview with players and people behind the scene in Australian cricket – Jack Egan, Pan, 1989 (Pbk)

Great Days in Test Cricket – Rick Smith, ABC Books, 1996 (Pbk)

An Illustrated History of Australian Cricket – RS Whittington, Pelham, 1974 (Hdbk)

The Oxford Companion to Australian Cricket – Ed by Richard Cashman et al, Oxford Uni Press, 1996 (Hdbk)

The people’s game: Australia in International One-Day Cricket – Geoff Armstrong and Mark Gatley, Ironbark, 1994 (Pbk)

Histories: West Indies

A History of West Indies Cricket – Michael Manley, Andre Deutsch, 1988 (Pbk)

Real Quick: a celebration of West Indian Pace Quartets – Michele Savidge, Blandford, 1995 (Hdbk)

The Rise of West Indian Cricket – Frank Birbalsingh, Hansib, 1996 (Pbk)

Histories: India

A Maidan view: the magic of Indian Cricket – Mihir Bose, Allen & Unwin. 1986 (Hdbk)

A history of Indian Cricket – Mihir Bose, Andre Deutsch, 1990 (Hdbk)

Wickets in the East: an anecdotal history – Ramachandra Guha, Oxford Uni Press, 1992 (Pbk)

Histories: South Africa

Cricket Rebels: Australia v South Africa – Chris Harte & Warwick Hatfield, Horwitz Grahame, 1985 (Pbk)

South Africa; the year of isolation and the return to international cricket – Mike Procter, Queen Anne, 1994 (Hdbk)

The Ashes

The Ashes – Ray Illingworth & Kenneth Gregory, Collins, 1982 (Hdbk)

Beyond Reasonable Doubt: the birthplace of the Ashes – Joy Munns, 1994 (Pbk)


A Game divided – Peter McFarline, Marlin, 1978 (Pbk)

With a straight bat – Andrew Caro, Sales Machine, 1979 (Hdbk)

Modern controversies

Betrayal – Graeme Wright, Witherby, 1993 (Hdbk)

The Botham Report – Ian Botham, Collins Willow, 1997 (Hdbk) – Two copies

Raising the Stakes – Alan Lee, Gollancz, 1996 (Hdbk)

Early cricket

The Glory Days of Cricket – Ashley Mote, Robinson Books, 1997 (Pbk – Uncorrected and Unpublished Proof)

The Young Cricketer’s Tutor – John Nyren, Davis-Poynter, 1974 (Hdbk)

Test cricket

Number One – Simon Wilde, Gollancz, 1998 (Hdbk)

Sundry Extras – Peter Mahony, Hambeldon Press, 1984 (Hdbk)

Other histories

Cricket: a history – Rowland Bowen, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1970 (Hdbk)

Cricket’s Secret History – Walter Hammond, Stanley Paul, 1952 (hdbk – no dust jacket)

The Daily Telegraph Chronicle of Cricket – Ed by Norman Barrett, Guinness, 1994 (Hdbk)

Famous Cricket Grounds – Laurence Meynell, Phoenix House, 1951, (Hdbk – torn dust jacket)

The Golden Age of Cricket – David Frith, Omega, 1983 (Hdbk)

The Ladybird story of Cricket – Vera Southgate, 1964, (Pbk)

Sport and the Law – Edward Grayson, Butterworths, 1988 (Hdbk)

The Willow Wand – Derek Birley, Sportspages, 1989 (Pbk)


England’s Test Cricketers – Jason Woolgar, Robert Hale, 1997 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Limited-overs International cricket: the complete record – Bill Frindall, Headline, 1997 (hdbk)

Who’s who of cricketers – Philip Bailey, Phillip Thorn & Peter Wynne-Thomas, Guild, 1984 (Hdbk)

The Wisden Book of Cricketers’ Lives – Compiled by Benny Green, Macdonald, 1986 (Hdbk)

Wisden Book of Test Cricket – Bill Frindall, Guild Publishing, 1985 (Hdbk – no dust jacket, spine damaged)

The Wisden Book of Test Captains – Ted Corbett & Joanne King, Stanley Paul, 1991 (Hdbk)


From Larwood to Lillee – Trevor Bailey & Fred Trueman, Queen Anne Press, 1984 (Pbk)

The Slow Men – David Frith, Corgi, 1985 (Pbk)

The Fast Men – David Frith, Corgi, 1984 (PbK)

The Art of Fast Bowling – Dennis Lillee, Collins, 1977 (Hdbk)

Letting Rip – Simon Wilde, Witherby, 1994 (Hdbk)

General works by leading writers and commentators

John Arlott’s book of cricketers – Sphere, 1982 (Pbk)

The Essential Arlott on Cricket – Ed by David Rayvern Allen, Fontana, 1989 (Pbk)

On Reflection – Richie Benaud, Fontana, 1985 (Pbk)

The appeal of cricket – Richie Benaud, Hodder & Stoughton, 1995 (Hdbk)

On Cricket – Geoff Boycott, Corgi, 1991 (Pbk)

Next Man in – Gerlad Brodribb, Sportsman Book Club, 1953 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Hit for Six – Gerald Brodribb, Sportmans Book Club, 1961 (Hdbk)

Masters of Cricket – Jack Fingleton, Sportsmans Book Club, 1959 (Hdbk)

Spin and other turns – Ramachandra Guha, Penguin, 1994 (Pbk)

The Character of Cricket – Tim Heald, Faber & Faber, 1986 (Pbk)

Cricket on the brain – Bernard Hollowood, Sportsmans Book Club, 1972 (Hdbk)

Cricket – CLR James, Allison & Busby, 1986 (Hdbk)

They Made Cricket – GD Martineau, Musuem Press, 1956 (Hdbk)

The Tao of Cricket – Ashis Nandy, Penguin, 1989 (Pbk)

Cricket: A way of Life – Christopher Martin-Jenkins, St Michael, 1986 (Pbk)

Talking of Cricket – Ian Peebles, Sportsmans, 1955 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Batters Castle – Ian Peebles, Sportsmans Books Club, 1959 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Cricket: My Pleasure – AA Thomson, Sportsmans, 1953 (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

Cricket: My Happiness – AA Thomson, Sportsmans, 1956 (Hdbk)

Cricket: The Golden Ages – AA Thomson, Sportsmans, 1962 (Hdbk)

Pavilioned in Splendour – AA Thomson, Pavillion, 1991, (Pbk)

All in the Game – RC Robertson-Glasgow, Dennis Dobson (Hdbk – no dust jacket)

The Glad Season – Ray Robinson, Collins, 1955 (Hdbk)

The Wildest Tests – Ray Robinson, Sportsmans, 1973 (Hdbk)

Great Innings – Peter Roebuck, Anya, 1990 (Pbk)

It Never Rains – Peter Roebuck, Unwin, 1985 (Pbk)

Slices of Cricket – Peter Roebuck, Unwin, 1984 (Pbk)


The Test Within – Frank Tyson, Hutchinson Australia, 1987 (Hdbk)

The Zen of Cricket – Tony Francis, Stanley Paul, 1992 (Hdbk)


The Cricketer Book of Cricket Disasters & Bizzare Records – Ed by Christopher Martin-Jenkins, Century, 1983 (Hdbk)

Curiosities of Cricket – Jonathan Rice, Pavilion, 1993 (Hdbk)

Humorous Sports Quotes – Colin Jarman, Guinness, 1996 (Pbk)

Rain Men – Marcus Berkmann, Little Brown, 1995 (Hdbk)


Backward Glances: cricket photographs 1856-1917 (Pbk)

An eye for Cricket – Patrick Eager and John Arlott, Hodder & Stoughton, 1979 (Hdbk)


Cricket Quotations – Peter Ball & David Hopps, Stanley Paul, 1986 (Hdbk)

A century of great cricket quotes – David Hopps Robinson Books, 1998 (Pbk)


Ted Dexter’s Little Cricket Book – Bloomsbury, 1996 (Hdbk)

Tom Graveney’s Top Ten Cricket Book – Harrap, 1982 (Hdbk)

A Song for cricket – David Rayvern Allen, Pelhan, 1981 (Hdbk)

The Art of Cricket – Robin Simon & Alastair Smart, Secker & Warburg, 1983 (Hdbk)

WG’s Birthday Party – David Kynaston, Oxford Uni Press, 1992 (Pbk)

Figures on the Green – Derek Lodge, Allen & Unwin, 1982 (Hdbk)

Masterstrokes – Allen Synge & Derek Anns, Kingswood, 1987 (Hdbk)

Instructional Books

MCC Masterclass – Tony Lewis, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1994 (Hdbk)

Tactics of Success: cricket – Michele Savidge, Ward Lock, 1992 (Pbk)

Novels and plays

A season in Sinji – JL Carr, Penguin, 1985 (Pbk)

Run out the Raj – Dennis Castle, Constrable, 1986 (Hdbk)

Malleson at Melbourne – William Godfrey, Sportsmans Book Club, 1958 (Hdbk)

Playing Away – Caryl Phillips, Faber & Faber, 1987 (Pbk)

Magazines, match programmes, benefit brochures etc

England v Pakistan, Oval Test, 1987 match programme

England v Sri Lanka, Lords Test, 1991 match programme

England v India, Trent Bridge Test, 1996 match programme

England v Australia, 2nd Test 1997, Lord’s match programme

England v Sri Lanka, Oval Test, 1998 match programme

England v India 96 Texaco Trophy programme

Benson and Hedges Cup Final match programme – 1992: Hampshire v Kent

Benson and Hedges Cup Final match programme – 1995: Kent v Lancashire

Benson and Hedges Cup Final match programme – 1996: Lancashire v Northamptonshire

Benson and Hedges Cup Final match programme – 1997: Kent v Surrey

Natwest Trophy Final 1997: Essex v Warwickshire

Official 1986 Tour Guide: India & New Zealand

Official 1987 Tour Guide: Pakistan

Courage Old England Cricket XI v Kent Select XI, 14 August 1983 match programme

The Cabinet & repository of facts…relating to the voyage of the SS Great Britain with the Eleven of All England, 1861 (Reproduction)

Asif Iqbal benefit brochure, 1981

Mark Benson benefit brochure, 1991

Neil Taylor benefit brochure, 1992

Richard Ellison benefit brochure, 1993

The Journal of the Cricket Society: Silver Jubilee Number, Winter 1970

100 Years at Southampton

A century of Wisden – 1900-1999, an extract from every issue

Wisden – The Best (The 40 Leading cricketers in the world today – two copies

World Cricket Digest, November 1982

World Cricket Digest Number Two, March 1983

World of Cricket 1983

Prints of CB Fry, WG Grace, Robert Abel, Ranji

First Day Cover – WG Grace stamp Leaders of the world series: Grenadines of St Vincent, 16 Aug 1984

Classic Cricket Cards, Dover Publications, 1980

More Classic Cricket Cards,, Constable, 1991

Thirty years on: the reunion of the 1953 England test team

Clashes for the Ashes: Test series medal collection (feat 15 Australian players)

Channel 4 Official Guide to test cricket: England v New Zealand 1999

The Cricketer

All 1982 – bound, some magazines damaged

All 1983 – bound, binder damaged

All 1984 – bound

All 1985 – bound

All 1986 – bound

All 1987 – bound

All 1988 – bound

All 1989 – bound

All 1990 – bound

All 1991 – bound

All 1992 – bound, binder damaged

All 1993 – bound

All 1994 – bound

All 1995 – bound, binder badly damaged

All 1996 – bound

All 1997 – bound

Wisden Cricket Asia

2002 – June, July

2004 – February, August, October

Wisden Cricket Monthly

All 1985 – bound

All 1986 – bound, binder damaged

All 1987 – bound, binder damaged

All 1988 – bound, binder damaged

All 1989 – bound, binder damaged

All 1990 – bound

All 1991 – bound, binder damaged

All 1992 – bound

All 1993 – bound, binder damaged

All 1994 – bound

All 1995 – bound

All 1996 – bound

All 1997 – bound

All 1998 – bound, plus extra copy of October, November, December

All 1999 – bound, plus extra copies of Jan, Feb, March, June

2000- all

2001 – all except Feb and April

2002 – all

2003 – Jan, March-May, July-Sep

The Wisden Cricketer

2003 – Oct-Dec

2004 – Jan-Feb

Inside Edge (UK)

Every issue (May 96-Aug 97)

Johnny Miller 96 not out

Most issues between August ’89 and March ‘96

Assorted fanzines and magazines: Sticky wicket, the Googly, George Davis is innoncent, Who’s Surrey Now?, Over and Out, the Name of the Rose, the Cricketer’s Anorak, Sportstar, Third Man, Cricket Digest, Cricket Heroes, Cricket Life International

Audio Tapes

View from the Boundary – BBC Radio Collection

Video Tapes

World of Cricket 1-5 (June ’93 – Oct ’93)

Cover Point 1-44 (June ’96 – Spring ’01)

Cover Point 46-50 (Autumn ’01 – Autumn ’02)

46 – extra copy

England’s Greatest Cricketers – narrated by Freddie Trueman

Superstars of cricket – Dominic Cork

Superstars of cricket – Graeme Hick

World Cup 92 – England v SA, NZ v England, Pakistan v NZ & Australia v WI

Ultimate Cricket ’96 – Sky sports review of the year 120mins

Botham & Lamb (no cover)

1999 World Cup Cricket Promotional Video

Cricket memorabilia

Photographic team sheet of Australian team to West Indies 1999 – laminated with photocopied signatures

Kent autograph sheet (early 80s) inc Dilley, Knott, Asif Iqbal, Luckhurst, Tavare, Underwood

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