Blogging trials and tribulations

It’s not been a good day. On my days off, I try to do combine new things with the mundane routine of everyday life (bills, food, washing, cleaning), and today I seem to have been going round in circles. Quite literally, too: I caught the wrong bus for the second day running. Two banks denied me a loan, which is as unsurprising as it is murderously frustrating. One of them did offer me a coffee and biscuit (note: singular), but this was before the bad news came my way. By that time, the coffee was cold and the biscuit stale – neither could be used to pour over the shiny bank clerk (who was, to her credit, both attractive and empathetic), so I left the bank with my tail between my leg. Which reminds me: what on earth does that mean?

To cap off a forgettable day, I now find myself in what can only be described as a library for special needs children. I’m not going to make derogatory, cheap remarks about “special needs,” but it did make me smile that with the allotted “one hour” of time allowed on this machine, 20 minutes was spent trying to explain to the librarian (his badge said “Tony, special needs assistant”) that I’m not a permanent resident, but yes, I did need to access the internet, and before they close. At least it’s free, and Tony was very helpful indeed.

Anyway, here I am. Beer and fun await me in a couple of hours, and I promise not to bore you with any more of my tribulations.

To those who read this (Justin, in particular) – I will catch up with All Things Blogging, and my email, tomorrow. Apologies for the delay. Moving house is annoyingly difficult/tricky/costly/tiring/time-consuming/weird.

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