Are Australia really “twice as good” as last year?

Glenn McGrath is clearly fighting fit once more. More pre-Ashes banter today from the big (and bulkier, apparently) fast bowler:

“I look back on last year’s Ashes with a lot of positive memories,” he said during the team’s camp in Coolum. “You learn the most from the times you get beaten or don’t play well. As a whole, the team learnt so much from that Ashes tour.

“We looked at what we needed to improve on and put that in place. Since then, I think we’re twice the team we were at the start of the last Ashes.”

The “positive memories” bit is clearly utter bullshit. There are none, for Australia, other than the performance of Shane Warne. Even that was too inevitable for it to be a positive, especially as it was in a losing cause.

What do you think? Are Australia a crumbling, ageing side or do they have one last series in them (after which they’ll all retire into cardigans and bungalows)?

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