Anything they can do, we can do…

As England finally reach somewhat of an injury plateau, Pakistan are scrabbling (rather impressively too) to catch up. In just 48 hours, three players have all been written off/died/collapsed/bashed around a bit. Quite a good effort that. Mohammad Sami is a doubt; Mohammad Asif is a bigger doubt and Rana Naved-ul-Hasan, who looks at least 50, is ruled out. There are probably more, too, which I’ve forgotten.

Writing about cricket has, for the past few months, resembled something similar to my previous life working in the NHS. Broken limbs, missing bits of cartilage, idiots treading on people’s hands, wonky groins and so on. Quite why all these winners are falling apart at the seams with such predictable regularity is beyond me. As Fred would have said, “in my day…”

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