All fired up

There were those of us, and I was one of them, that saw the fairly knackered Adam Gilchrist stagger home from Bangladesh wondering if he would play on after the World Cup in 2007. Seems like he was one of them. But there is good news; the man himself is all fired up after a break and ready to go again!

“If you had sat me down after Bangladesh and asked me how much time I had left in the game, you probably would have gotten a different answer to now,” Gilchrist said. “I’m not keen on making any big statements, but right now, I am looking to keep playing.

“I have voiced the opinion that I think there is too much cricket being played at the moment, but after a three-month break, I am dead keen for the summer to start and the Champions Trophy, the Ashes and the World Cup to begin.

“Beyond that, you never know if your physical game or the skills are still going to be there, but if they are, I can’t see why I would stop. The schedule is pretty clear for a while after the World Cup.”

Aside from Haddin and Hartley, who now could be forgiven for exploring all Geraint Jones-type avenues, Gilchrist’s statement is cause for cartwheels among Australian cricket followers.

I don’t do cartwheels myself, but yeah, I’m thrilled too.