Accommodation for 2007 World Cup

Just been emailed this from Roco. The event, bar the inevitable debacle with tickets and so forth, ought to provide all the countries in the Caribbean much-needed tourism and advertising, not to mention income. And I like the sound of this scheme, which I’m sure many fans will be using as they prepare to find accommodation for the World Cup.

The Tourism Ministry has provided more details of plans to allow Jamaican householders to benefit directly from the hosting of Cricket World Cup 2007.

Tourism Minister, Aloun Assamba, said the plan will allow householders to provide accommodation to visitors during the staging of the World Cup matches.

To maintain the integrity of the programme, the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) has developed a set of guidelines for householders who wish to be included in the programme.

Interested persons must be able to provide proof of ownership or permission from the owner to sub-let.

The processing of applications is expected to take between six to eight weeks.

The TPDCo will also provide free training in customer service, public health and safety to participants.

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