Gee, it feels good to be an Australian fan right now. All I wanted for Christmas was a whitewash. I’m not as sure as the media are that I’ll get it, mind you.

Despite everything that has transpired in this tour, I still have a lot of respect for the abilities of this England side. Obviously, I feel that man for man, the Australian team is better. However, England have shown enough on this tour that if they get their act together, they have enough class to win the Fifth Test, especially against a complacent Australia.

There’s nothing like seeing the old Enemy get hammered though. Enough of this rubbish about close series, I say. Norm Geras puts it best:

I’ve been struck by how many people have suggested to me that, even as an Australian supporter, I might have preferred to see a more closely fought series. Yeah, right. Like the time I was at Old Trafford in February 2001 and we’re beating Arsenal 5-0 at half time. Wasn’t I just thinking, ‘Oh damn, I wish it was 1-1, so that there was still a fight on to win the game’? Actually no, I wasn’t thinking that.

Cricket, all by its wonderful self, produces a whole variety of situations, and I find myself able to take pleasure in that variety. The close fought contest does have its appeal; and so, too, does the decisive triumph against a long-standing adversary. (And if there are England supporters who wouldn’t absolutely love to be 4-0 up against Australia with only one left to play, I’d like to meet them.)

Yep. I’m sure if the scores were reversed, there’d be plenty of English fans telling me ALL about it.

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