England win a one-day international

How dastardly rude of them. It’s just not the done thing in England circles, ending tours on a high. How dare they? Did anyone else laugh at the fireworks at the end? How inappropriate can you get?

Nice to see them win though. Me and my editor have been musing on them all day, almost praying they’d lose just to ease our final pieces. Mine’s here and his is there.

Also…why have I not written more about Michael Yardy? I’m sure he’s a terrific bloke but I’m unconvinced he should be playing cricket (for England). As for Chris Read, well…say goodbye to Brisbane I’m afraid. Geraint Jones was like a pig in proverbial at Sky…

Time for wine.

Live discussion: England v West Indies, Champions Trophy

At last England have been put out of their misery, and today’s match is pleasingly meaningless. Therefore, they’ll probably win. If you’re watching, leave a comment.

A Family Legacy (short cricket film)

We’ve been musing about Youtube recently at work, and are constantly baffled by the amount of stuff on the site. It really is mad.

But until now I hadn’t come across any short films (cricket-based)…this is well worth watching if you’ve 10 minutes spare. Some funny moments and a pretty good Richie Benaud impression (equally good impersonation of a kiwi commentator too!). Click here if you can’t see the video below.

The Ashes urn in Australia (video)

It’s like watching your first-born take his first steps! COME BACK URN! (click here if you can’t see the video)

Sweater Kittens at the cricket

Watching so much cricket, as we do, you quickly realise the differences between broadcasting companies around the world. BSkyB in Britain are, on the whole, very professional and slick – albeit a little too slick at times with constant references to the other programmes airing on Sky Sports 1-100…

South Africa’s production methods, on the other hand, are a different story entirely. It’s patently clear the cameramen have other things on their minds than cricket; several times during a session they’ll zoom in on the most attractive (or most naked) girl for a few seconds, before their director screams blue murder at them through their earpieces. Anyway. Enjoy the video below.

Boony, Beefy and old Boony

The infamous VB Boony dolls. Who would actually buy these things? (I’m serious. Tell me)

Boony Beefy and old Boony

The Malones.

Photo of Kelburn Park, New Zealand

Lovely shot of an attractive ground in Wellington, Kelburn Park, home of Wellington Women. (no mention of boots please)

Kelburn cricketground


Bob Woolmer’s blog

Bob Woolmer is blogging for us (or for him, I should say) at Cricinfo. Visit Bob’s World.

Cricket is a great game to play and a fun one to comment on. I would like my blog to reflect the views of the playing and coaching fraternity and I will try and cover as many topics as possible. Including Pakistan, drugs in sport, modern training methods for cricketers, the itineraries that put players in the red zone as far as injuries are concerned and to explain the many myths that surround cricketing technique.

Those of you who wish to know more about this game and want to voice their opinion are most welcome to let me know what you are thinking. I will try and address these issues as well as others that occur.

Let’s get “stuck” into the first one!