South Africa v Australia, 3rd Test, Johannesburg, 1st day

So, Graeme Smith is a definate non-starter for the final Test. It’s hard to see a way through Australia for South Africa. On the other hand, Australia’s foot might loosen from the pedal as it often does after a series-securing victory. Chat away.

India v England, 2nd ODI, Faridabad

India v England, 2nd ODI, Faridabad

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Zen, tree-hugging antics just not cricket

Matthew HaydenI’m sorry, but this simply has to stop. What the hell is he trying to achieve? Actually, don’t answer that. There was another photo recently of him (Matthew Hayden) sitting in a zen-like position on the pitch with cameramen and groundsmen swarming around, doing their business. There, sat cross-legged and perfectly still, was a batsman who has bullied his way like a rhino on an ice-rink for the past eight or so years. It’s just a strange oxymoron: the bullish “I’m gonna stand half way down the wicket when you bowl to me. Because I can and because I scare you” attitude against the church-going self-meditating stuff.

Which reminds me. I heard once of an English player (possibly Middlesex, possibly Middlesex and England and possibly neither of the above) who did next to no preparation. Very little fannying about with nets or stretching or anything closely resembling exercise. Yet, so it is told, he scored runs at will. The only thing he’d do is play phantom balls against the wall in the dressing room, making “clicking” or “knocking” noise as he timed the invisible ball across the clutter and through the window for four. Sounds like my kind of training session…

I say, is that willow metal?


This has been rumbling on for nearly a year and has finally reached a conclusion. The end of the graphite bat is nigh. I first mentioned this back in April last year yet it’s taken that long for the authorities to remove their thumbs from……well, it’s sorted now. In actual fact, Kookaburra have withdrawn the bat themselves “voluntarily”. More at Cricinfo, of course.

Ricky Ponting is the bat’s most high-profile user. Given his extraordinary form in the past year or two, it’ll be interesting to see if a change in bat brings a change of luck…I doubt it, somehow.

Shell Cricket Academy

Shell Cricket Academy

Originally uploaded by Flickr user joshy55013.

Just testing, but an interesting photo nonetheless.

I know, I know, it’s a desert

Yes yes, I know. It’s a picture of a desert. And it’s all changed and looks weird, but frankly there’s no way I’m going to get it back to what it looks like. I have no clue how to design anything, so I’ve paid $10 for this theme which looks roughly like what it did.

Shall try to get things working normally but am hectic busy in the next few days. If any of you would like to help out, you could do worse than find me a graphical designer who likes cricket and who needs some work. I can’t pay, obviously, but free advertising on the site…

Never get anyone to help you

I stupidly asked someone to upgrade my site for me in the last few days – to use the latest software – and now look at it? It’s a complete pile of rubbish. I have no idea when I’ll have it back to normal. If anyone knows WordPress inside out and has the time to help, please leave a comment.

Patriotism gone mad


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There’s patriotism and then there’s crazed madness. This falls into the latter category. You can even see where the barbs have gone into his skin, the mad Tyke.

South Africa v Australia, 2nd Test, Durban, 5th day

Final day. South Africa’s backs against the wall. Equally, the weather might play a part – and the pitch, too (it’s 22.40 the night before…rumours there’s a dispute with the pitch which was repaired yesterday when it shouldn’t have been. So it’s being unrepaired!)