Yet Another Ashes Book (YAAB): Is It Cowardly to Pray for Rain?

Is It Cowardly to Pray for Rain?: The Online Ashes Chronicle of a Nation\'s Office-Bound Nervousness

Yet Another Ashes Book (YAAB) – Is It Cowardly to Pray for Rain?. Published by The Guardian, its subtitle reads: “The Online Ashes Chronicle of a Nation’s Office-Bound Nervousness.”

Ah, nerves: tickles down to fine-leg, dropped-catches (hello Geraint, good evening KP), McGrath the bunny, Kasper the ghost with an airy flick over his shoulder and “JONES! BOWDEN!” Oh, sorry – where was I?

Yes, this book looks quite fun and is only about £6. The Guardian did over-by-over commentary all summer, most of which I missed to be honest – and the best bits have been summarised in this book. A reviewer at Amazon provides the best synopsis:

I don’t know what I’d have done without Guardian Unlimited this summer. Their over by over coverage of the game pioneered a format that all the papers seem to be nicking now, but the original remains by far the best. Office workers all over the land, shackled to their desks and far from the nearest tv screen, relied on their updates to see them through the day. Some of them nearly got fired for it. And more than just bringing the wickets and the sledging as it happened, the commentary is a work of genius in itself. Other sites might have told you it was overcast but no sign of rain, but where else would you read that skies were “John Major grey and about as threatening as meeting the former PM in a dark alley?” (Sean Ingle).

Hilarious even months after the events it describes.

Sounds good, eh?

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