When England last won the Ashes…

  • I was 5 years old.
  • My favourite number was 8
  • My favourite colour red
  • old Maggie was in power
  • I was living in the same house/town/country that I write this in
  • My hair wasn’t as curly as it’s turning out to be now
  • My future wife Maria Sharapova was born
  • Kapil Dev took his 300th Test wicket (at 28 the youngest, too)
  • Imran Khan took his 300th Test wicket, too (didn’t know that)
  • IBM-PC DOS Version 3.3 was released
  • Thought it was time I mentioned The Ashes. It’s been a while! My favourite colour is no longer red, it’s blue. But 8 still has to be the greatest of all numbers.

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