West Indies v South Africa: dullness personified

I don’t know who I’m more annoyed at or upset with, South Africa or the West Indies. Albeit on a flat track, the West Indies have embarassed themselves further in this Test Match. They’ve already conceded 4 hundreds – even allowing Ashwell Prince to make one. That said – and although South Africa’s run-rate is at 3.5/over – there were periods today where South Africa just stopped and did nothing.

All this talk that they’re (South Africa) “on track again,” and “on the rise,” is just bullshit. Most division 1 County sides in England could take the West Indies to a draw these days; most Australian states would beat them without too much bother. And yet South Africa, and Kallis in particular, spent parts of the afternoon session doodling along as though they were 200-5. West Indies posess not a single bowling threat [1]. Yes, South Africa are ahead of the game; Yes, they’ve scored over 500 runs but 3.5 runs/over against THAT bowling attack just says to the world: “We’ve won the series, we don’t want to lose this game.”

I was similarly annoyed throughout England’s tour earlier this year, where South Africa were often behind on points and constantly played the waiting game. They’re a very boring side to watch, these days.

[1] Incidentally, Dwight Washington, who was just about managing to get the ball down to the other end of the wicket at 78mph, is down as RF on Cricinfo. Oh, how they wish…

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