Warne’s Hampshire Hideout

Glamour-puss Warne – one of the highest earning cricketers – has bought a house in Hampshire, having recently signed a 2-year extension with the county a week or so ago. Actually, I think it was a 4 year deal – 2 years playing, and a possible further 2 years coaching/development. (bloomin’ great for us English fans – a hop down the motorway to watch the best twirler in history roll his arm over)

Anyway, this house sounds nothing like a Warnie special – certainly more like a flipper gone wrong, than a pearler or a beaut!

“There’s linoleum floors and quite a small kitchen. It’ll be comfortable but nothing more.”

Ms Leake, 24, said the home was not ideal for a young family.

“Most of the people around here are quite elderly and that’s led to quite a strict and conservative policy.

“Children are basically not allowed into the garden area and pets are discouraged. You wouldn’t believe the list of rules we have to obey.

“Also, it’s quite a drive to the nearest schools and there are no shops close by.”

He bought it from his mate Matthew le Tissier (he’s a [hoik-spit] footballer)