Warne and Adams lock horns

Following Chris Adams’ announcement on Monday that Warne had “humilated” some of Sussex’s younger players, Warne has hit back:

It was a really good, hard game of cricket,” added Warne, “and I was surprised and disappointed that Adams has given a one-sided version of what happened. I do not like getting involved in tit for tat, but I am fed up with copping flak about sledging when there are two sides to the story. If Adams has lost respect for me, then I can certainly say that whatever respect I had for him has disappeared, too.

No surprises there, and no surprise that Warne feels a bit cornered. But what’s interesting is Hampshire’s reaction to the whole affair:

We are disappointed that a player of the stature of Chris Adams has made a number of one-sided comments to the media following an excellent, hard fought cricket match between two good sides

Adams has dug himself a rather large hole and it Hampshire’s press release made mention of his comments being one-sided. What a prat. I think the following statement concludes it nicely:

The match umpires [Merv Kitchen and Ian Gould] are regarded as two of the best in the business and, as far as we are aware, they have not seen fit to censure any player who participated in the fixture.