Victory, from the jaws of defeat

How can this happen? At first glance, if you read Charl Langeveldt had taken a hat-trick, you’d be fairly stunned. You might assume it was an inter-state game, or against a minnow. But, no no, it’s against a Test playing nation – one of the great cricketing nations, the West Indies, in a One Day International.

Eventually, after picking yourself up from the floor & reaching for some aspirin you look back and read Cricinfo’s commentary which tells you “ Everyone is stunned, how can you lose a game from 281/6“.

Well, it sounds like I missed a spectacular game. Hats off to Langeveldt. Your surname might sound like some sort of industrial machine (“have you checked on the Langeveldt?”), but you obviously are far more accomplished than I gave you credit for.

West Indies: shame. Shame shame shame. These defeats are just what you didn’t need.

I’m recording the Cricinfo commentary in case it’s ever removed and for posterity

End of over 48 (8 runs) West Indies 275/6 (RR: 5.73 RRR: 10/2 = 5.00)
CK Langeveldt 9-0-60-2 (5nb) – Joel Garner End
DJJ Bravo 16* (15b) CO Browne 8* (8b)

48.1 Ntini to Bravo, one run, leg stump line, gets half forward, chips
that over short midwicket and short of mid-on, crowd nearly lost
it there
48.2 Ntini to Browne, no run, full on the legs, defends down the pitch
48.3 Ntini to Browne, no run, swings and misses outside the off
48.4 Ntini to Browne, (noball) one run, leg side, full, flicked to the
on side
48.4 Ntini to Bravo, two runs, outside off, drives to the sweeper, throw
comes in, overthrow taken
48.5 Ntini to Bravo, one run, flicked off the legs to the on side
Should ne easy now
48.6 Ntini to Browne, OUT: full, on line, tries to chip to the on side,
leading edge, lobs that to mid-on

West Indies 281/7, Partnership of 23
CO Browne c Nel b Ntini 9 (12b 0×4 0×6)

End of over 49 (6 runs) West Indies 281/7 (RR: 5.73 RRR: 4/1 = 4.00)
M Ntini 10-0-45-2 (4nb) – Malcolm Marshall End
DJJ Bravo 20* (18b)

Tension mounts now and for a second the crowd did go quite but a
buzz around the ground now
South AFrica now well behind the over rate and time Smith got fined
49.1 Langeveldt to Bradshaw, one run, on the off, forward, slaps the
drive square and over point, sweeper round to cut off
49.2 Langeveldt to Bravo, one run, full, clips to midwicket, runs,
Prince fires in, Bravo almost gave up, but the throw is wide
6 men inside the circle
49.3 Langeveldt to Bradshaw, OUT: line and length, swings, misses, and
the stumps are down

West Indies 283/8, Partnership of 2
IDR Bradshaw b Langeveldt 1 (2b 0×4 0×6)
DJJ Bravo 21* (19b) CK Langeveldt 9.3-0-62-3 (5nb)

And the buzz continues, eyes are closed, heads are down, but the
noise continues
Tension in both change rooms as Powell comes out
2 needed off 3 balls as bravo gives Powell a lot of advise
crowd are on their feet
Smith looks like a traffic cop as he directs the field
49.4 Langeveldt to Powell, OUT: straight, on line, has a full swing, and
stumps are spread

West Indies 283/9, Partnership of 0
DB Powell b Langeveldt 0 (1b 0×4 0×6)
DJJ Bravo 21* (19b) CK Langeveldt 9.4-0-62-4 (5nb)

and the tension mounts even more, 2 off 2 needed, or are we in for
a tie ?
49.5 Langeveldt to Collymore, OUT: full, inswing, into the pad, they all
go up and a hattrick wins it for South AFrica

West Indies 283/10, Partnership of 0
CD Collymore lbw b Langeveldt 0 (1b 0×4 0×6)
DJJ Bravo 21* (19b) CK Langeveldt 9.5-0-62-5 (5nb)

Everyone is stunned, how can you lose a game from 281/6
Smiles from all the South AFricans and a hattrick to win the match
from langevedlt, a game he will never forget
So that gives South Africa the Series with a lead of 3:0 in the 5
match series
West Indies will be shattered, how do you get up from a loss like
What is left, the Man of the Match, Dippenaar 100, gayle 100, and
Langeveldt 5-62 including hat trick
Chanderpaul .. we did well today, we bowled well, we batted well,
but faltered at the end, we need to go forward and do it in
Smith …. The most tense over I have ever lived through, they
played well and for some reason we ended on the right side of a
close game
We are grateful for winning this one, unbelieveable
Man of the Match is Langeveldt for his 5-62 and match winning
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for the 4th ODI
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