Two scathing attacks on Michael Vaughan

Earlier today, Clive Lloyd attacked Michael Vaughan and accused him of lacking respect. And, just now, a scathing attack on Vaughan and his team has been made by Neil Manthrop who I’ve mentioned in a previous post. I’d urge you to read it.

Of particular interest, or more pressingly concern, is the following:

“A couple of months ago, Vaughan walked out of a Test match to be at the birth of his daughter. It was the right thing to do and a special example to sportsmen the world over. In four or five years’ time he will, no doubt, do all he can to be there for her first day at big school. I hope he makes it. Then he can tell me all about it because that’s what I gave up to interview him. Not that I blame him – it was my decision. If the England team never speak to me again but do face up to the fact that adopting a ‘siege mentality’ while on tour is not the way forward to long-term greatness or even success, then it will be worth the sacrifice. I know. I’ve spent the past 10 years trying to write and broadcast the South Africa team out of behaving with similar suspicion and contempt.”

Having followed English cricket for over 10 years, I’ve never heard anyone attack a team and his captain in this way – and it disappoints me. I don’t doubt for a second what Neil writes is true – the article is written with a great deal of feeling, and I hope England’s media-men and management take it all on board. Duncan Fletcher – an apparently soft-spoken, mild-mannered “people’s” coach – is another who doesn’t come off well. This is a very sad end to an excellent tour.

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