Thoughts on Ntini

The commentators – excellent Ian Bishop, and ultra annoying anonymous South African who seems to emphasise the word “five” in every bloody sentence, which is doubly annoying when the score is FIVE for FIVE nine FIVE – are discussing Ntini, and some interesting stats came up. He’s played most Tests against England and West Indies, and those 2 countries share his bulk of wickets (54 and 53 respectively). Interestingly, his bowling average is just 24 against the Windies, but a much higher 30 against England.

And he still can’t bowl a slower ball. They remarked how much of a better bowler he could be if he could add this skill to his repetoire, and I agree. It’s amazing how he runs in and bowls the same deliveries time after time – there really is very little deviation (both in terms of what he decides to bowl, and in lacking much swing). A very good bowler, with the potential to be much better. Will he realise it?

Oh, joy, the seventh hundred has been made (or is that 10? Since Gayle scored 3 on his own) in this match – captain Chanderpaul. Talk about a bowler’s graveyard…

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