Turbanator – The Singh From Southall

This article on Harbhajan Singh was really enjoyable. I happened to read it on the train, passing Southall the other night which made it pretty apt. I hadn’t realised he’d spent time in Southall, a massive Asian community (and an excellent place to get proper spices if you like curries, like me) just west of London.

The reasons behind his Surrey signing are also worth noting:

While Singh is not the first Indian to play for an English county, Surrey’s decision to sign him is being viewed as a ground-breaking attempt to cash in on the lucrative cricket market in the Indian sub-continent and increase the county’s popularity among British Asians.

The ECB has, for quite a few years, wanted to tap into the “Asian market” which it feels has a lot to offer to the national side. If we can produce a Singh or 2 – then, go for it.

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