The crowd at Lord’s

I’ve seen quite a bit of Test Cricket at Lord’s, but never have I seen so many kids as there were today. It was brilliant. One bloke I spoke to, as he was blocking my way down to the bar, pointed to a long line of school children stretching back forever it seemed.

“They’re my lot, sorry – we’ll be out your way in a minute,”
“Your wife must be exhausted – how many are there?”
“And you’re here on your own?”
“I am. Am I mad?”

I laughed and went to the bar, and almost felt like buying him a whiskey to calm his nerves. 80 10 year olds and only one teacher looking after them – crazy!

Anyway, they were very loud and vocal – but it was great to hear/see. Over in the lower Compton stand, where I escaped to from the sun, were about 100 kids – almost exactly, so I reckoned, 50/50 between England and Bangladeshi supporters. They chanted “Eng-ger-land!” “Bang-la-desh!”, competing and gradually getting louder and louder. Lord’s was never like this, not 5 years ago even – it was great to see, and I hope it continues…especially throughout The Ashes, although the availability of tickets is..well..they’re all sold out.

Also chatted to this RAF bloke who was being paid £100 just to stand around like a traffic-warden, and point people to their seats. What a job! And yes, he was a cricket-nut.