The Brit Oval redevelopment plans

I drove past The Oval (ack – official title now “The Brit Oval”…) a few weeks ago and was reminded of its redevelopment. £25m (only the British can spend so much building so little) and it’s due to be completed in a couple of month’s time, ready for this summer’s Ashes series. The Oval is one of my favourite grounds – it’s great to sit in the Bedser stand, below the pavillion, and clap the players on [and off] as they come down the steps right next to you – and this new stand will really update the ground.

Of course, Lord’s has had a lot done to it over the past decade (including re-turfing it not long ago – the old turf went on sale!) so it’s only fair that its south-of-The-Thames cousin should be updated.

Here’s a recent picture, from, of the new stand (annoyingly entitled the “OCS” stand, in a sponsorship deal – are we witnessing the end of stands named after our heroes?). More available here

The Brit Oval's new stand

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