The Ashes – sessions won, sessions lost

During the South African series, I tried to keep a running tally of how many sessions England and South Africa won – but, inevitably, I either forgot some days/sessions, or couldn’t watch any of a session’s play to comment on which side won it.

I want to do the same for this year’s Ashes – I think it’s an interesting way of adjudging a team’s performance in a game…but I need your help. On the occasions where I miss a day’s play, I could do with someone else to update the list. Any volunteers? Tests in England start at about 7.30pm for Aussies, 3.30 pm in India, 6am in Eastern USA – well, you’ll know all this! If anyone can be bothered to help, I’ll get you an account here during the Tests and we’ll have one page dedicated to “Sessions won, sessions lost,” and see if we can spot any trends at the end of each game.

I’ve also received a few emails recently from people wanting to guest-post on here. This is certainly something I’m open to, so if you have a piece on cricket you wish the world to see (and don’t have your own blog), let me know and I’ll set you up.

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