Tennis v Cricket

I was pretty fuming yesterday. I got back in time to see Tim Henman play his first game at Wimbledon, and it was the same old story. Woeful tennis for the most part, eventually crawling his way back to defeat. I follow most sports, and enjoy the two weeks of Wimbledon – but I have no respect for “tiger Tim,” who is (surely) aptly named after the Bangladeshi cricket team. He’s Britain’s best player – of that there is no doubt – but how depressing that that’s the best we can do. Come on Andrew Murray, about time we had a tougher opponent to cheer.

Anyway, one of the commentators said how “wonderful” this British sporting summer is. He mentioned Jenson Button possibly winning Silverstone; the Lions defeating New Zealand (unlikely) and Henman making the Wimbledon final (come off it). But failed to mentioned the biggest sporting even of the summer, The Ashes. I know, it’s not a big thing – but it infuriates me how certain people in the sporting media in this country seemingly ignore cricket. The Ashes is one of (if not THE) oldest international sporting contests in the world – I just pray it gets the coverage and attention it deserves. And, on a selfish “cricket is better than tennis” note, to think anyone would rather watch Tim Henman than Australia v England…well it doesn’t bear thinking about!

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