Tea in Pakistan

Andrew Miller filed his diary earlier this morning, and sent along an accompanying photo – I’m still chuckling at it. It is true, though – you can’t beat a decent cup of tea (mind you, I can’t drink a cup of tea – I need a mug, and I’m quite particular about that aspect of it too.)

I mainly drink Tetley’s in the UK which, understandably, is bordering on the undrinkable. And there’s a Yorkshire brand which is meant to be suited to hard drinking water which is even worse. I can’t be arsed with tea leaves; I’m busy. Is it too much to ask for a tasty teabag?

I suppose the response to this will be obvious, but what is everyone’s favourite cricket-watching beverage? If I’m at the ground, it’s always either beer or water. I don’t bother with tea – at Lord’s, especially, they must defy physics somehow because the water served is as hot as the sun, and you risk permanent damage to vital organs and limbs. Quite aside from it tasting like rancid rain water. So it’s mainly beer or water for me. I do talk rubbish sometimes.

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