Tait ready to replace Gillespie?

Poor old diz. He’s had a shocker so far this summer, with the combined figures of 5 for 317 at 63.4 per wicket. Against England on Thursday, which incidentally was “the biggest wickets margin achieved by either side in 83 limited-overs matches dating back 35 years” [via]. Gillespie went wicketless, conceding 66 in 10 overs.

Cricinfo has an interesting piece on him – and his potential successor, Tait, who could well play at Lord’s. It’s sad to see a great fast bowler reduced to this state – on his day, he could be impossible to bat against. We might well have seen the last of him if Tait replaces him – after all, many think Tait is the best fast bowling prospect to come out of Australia in a decade. Much rests on his young shoulders.

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