Strauss falls victim to Warne’s mind-games

Despite Scyld Berry recently stating that Strauss’ lack of early season form wasn’t a concern (to him and us), Shane Warne – who played against him just yesterday – has chosen this golden opportunity to undermine Strauss and get ahead of the mind games:

“I wanted to have a look at him and see if he had a gameplan against me, but I don’t really see it as a psychological boost [to get him out],” Warne told reporters afterwards. “That was the first time I’ve ever bowled against him and I liked what I saw. He walked across to let balls go, and when he tried to reverse-sweep I thought it was a sign that he wasn’t sure what to do.”

I am worried about his lack of runs, but….form is temporary, class is permanent. I love all this phoney war stuff!

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