Steve Waugh warns West Indies

But if the Windies waltz around imagining they are all Viv Richards then they may as well not turn up.

So concludes Steve Waugh in his recent column, where he warns West Indies against complacency. And, as ever, it appears Brian Lara has the world and his aunty on his shoulders. If he rises, his team might too. If he doesn’t, will the rest of his side bother to rise to the occasion? Ryan posted a link on similar lines earlier.

While we know all to well the crisis West Indian cricket finds itself in, Waugh’s handbrake analogy is very good and very true:

West Indies has undoubted talent with a dangerous batting line-up that can tear attacks apart. It is one that has enough strike power with the ball to cause problems, but it all hinges on their attitude which has acted like a handbrake since they lost Ambrose and Walsh.

Those halcian days of Walsh and Ambrose seem so long ago. And someone else (maybe it was Waugh himself?) recently said that the last time the West Indies toured Australia, they did so with Courtney Walsh. He of 500 bloody Test wickets – and they still weren’t a force. “What hope have they now?” was the argument. Come on, Windies – show some guts and fight the good fight.

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