Spooked Cricketers


Gus Fraser’s running a story that the Aussies are spooked – or rather they’ve been spooked! Interesting story/aside, especially so due to Bangladesh having also been visited by ghostly visions in white (and I’m not talking about England’s Test bowlers!) last week.

The Australians are staying at Lumley Castle which, according to their website, is “no ordinary hotel.” I bet Shane Watson agrees – he was so spooked he spent the night on Brett Lee’s floor! But this little excerpt is the best:

Belinda Dennett, Australia’s media officer, also had a night she will never forget. “My phone went off in the middle of the night and I looked out of the window,” she said. “I knew I had closed the blinds but they were open and I saw a procession of white people walking past. It was amazing, very scary. Then I went back to bed and the blind went up, and there was someone looking in through the window. I know I wasn’t dreaming because I wrote down a message from my phone and the time.”

Last week, it was said the Bangladeshis also had ghostly-goings-on:

“Apparently he [Habibul Bashar] rushed out and attacked the ghoul,” Paul Mandeir, the general manager of the Redworth Hall hotel in County Durham said.

“In the ensuing melee, he awoke several other guests.”

But this time it was not one of the many ghosts fabled to roam the hotel’s corridors.

The offending spook was Bangladesh’s fast bowler – and practical joker – Mashrafe Mortaza carrying a bed sheet and a tape recorder.

I appreciate the “win at all costs” mantra of professional cricket, and England have certainly been playing aggressive cricket lately – but this is taking it too far…:)

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