Shane Warne’s marriage split

So, Warne’s broken up with his wife. Can’t say I’m too surprised, but it’s nonetheless a sad situation for him and his family. He chose the worst country to live in in terms of media sensationalism; Britain is awash with blood-thirsty tabloids, and no one is safe – particularly someone of Warne’s stature. He’ll have a rough time of it in the next few weeks. No cricketer, not since Botham and Imran, has attracted so much negative press attention (Hansie Cronje had his fair share, but for different reasons of course).

I hope, purely from a cricketing perspective, that it settles down. Players of the ilk of Lara, Tendulkar, Gilchrist, Ponting & Harmison are worth watching at their very best, regardless of which team you support, or which side of the fence you sit. And Warne is probably the biggest attraction in world cricket – everyone loves to watch him at work, even if he is not quite as lethal as he once was. Let’s hope we see him at close to his best this summer…

Oh, dreadful news. Richard Whiteley has died aged just 61 (presenter of Countdown). I wasn’t a huge fan of Countdown, but liked Whiteley who liked his beer and cricket – what a shock. He’d been ill in hospital, but 61 is too young for someone of his obvious warmth and humour.

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