Shah and Swann emerge from troubled times

Brief prologue / disclaimer: I try to cover international cricket, and all cricket’s quirks and news – I love cricket, whatever its’ form and where ever it is played. But…I am still an England fan living in England. As such, be prepared for more frequent posts about the English county game as the season begins :)

Owais Shah and Graeme Swann are 2 cricketers both of which have had praise lavished all over them in their younger years. Swann, at the tender age of 20, was plucked from relative obscurity – more on his arrogance and natural talent than anything else – and vanished almost as quickly. Owais Shah, from Middlesex, is another fabulously gifted player – so gifted that he has reputedly been seen batting both left and right-handed in the nets, although remains RHB – who has taken longer than his Asian counterparts might have taken.

Both, now, are being spoken of as genuine potential England players. Both have played some Internationals – Shah a handful of ODIs – and have had reasonable “A” tours in the sapping heat of Sri Lanka. I’m much less enthused about Swann, who sounds like a cocky little sod and with “wrong way round” statistics (batting under 30; bowling over 30). It’s an encouraging sign, however I can’t help but feel irritated at 2 magnificently gifted cricketers having taken so long to reach maturity; to reach the level of international grit and determination required to succeed in Tests and ODIs.

More on them both in this article