Sam and Steve’s red rag

A gem from Stuart at ABC’s blog (sorry chaps for stealing it all – but it’s too good to ignore):

Marlon Samuels took a shine to yours truly and was always asking questions and looking for insights. Before the Test in Barbados I don’t think I’d ever walked out to bat to be greeted by the opposing 12th man with a comment like this one: ‘Good luck today, I want to see you get a hundred!’ From just about the first time I played against Marlon, in the 2000-01 series in Australia, he’d say, ‘Hey man, give me some of your red rag, I need some luck.’ Eventually I gave in and cut him a sliver of the tattered cloth, which he now carries out to bat each innings. I had to laugh when he scored a quickfire hundred against India and, instead of raising his bat, held aloft the red rag between his thumb and index finger, to the bemusement of all those watching, who had no idea what he was doing.

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