Ray Jennings gets the vote from his players

Ray Jennings, supposed sadistical and eccentric South African coach, has reportedly received the full backing of his players who all think he’s “the right man for the job.” This is from Sky Sports commentary on the Windies/SA Test. The commentator on air, a Saffer, told us that each South African player has come up to him to ensure he (and thus the public) are made aware of Jennings’ plus points. A quick search here reveals my opinions on the man, and unless they come back in this Test to level the series I doubt I’ll change my opinion.

One question, though – I wonder if Pollock (injured so far this series) is a Jennings subscriber…

Meanwhile, Lara plunders on to 150+ on a very dodgy looking pitch…can’t imagine what days 3 and 4 will be like.

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