Post-Ashes profiteering reaches its zenith

Abstract of the Ashes

Ian emailed me to tell of this remarkable auction on eBay (I’ve even stolen your headline, Ian – sorry, but you put it perfectly!). The image you see above is an abstract painting depicting the winning moment for England’s victorious Ashes side this summer. Or, in the artist’s own words:

Cricket Comes Home – The Ashes (2005)

An abstract depiction of England’s famous Ashes winning Summer against Australia in 2005

The print is 101/2″ x 101/2″ and is supplied on 230 gsm coated acrylic paper from the original medium of gouache and acrylic

Presented without mount or frame, signed, and coming with a certificate of authenticity from myself, the artist.

Now, I’m no artist – I’m a budding photographer, and that’s stretching it – but I’m afraid I simply cannot and do not understand what this is supposed to represent! Depiction of “England’s famous Ashes winning summer”? How?! I see no bat, no ball, no players – nothing that says a) England b) English cricket c) cricket d) cricket e) cricket… Answers on a postcard, please – or a comment would suffice.

PS note to self: learn to expand vocab. You’re not 12, Will.

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